About Mundinter

As a national manufacturer of hospital equipment, Mundinter's history has evolved in partnership with our customers and end users.

Based on 65 years of experience in responding to the needs of the health sector, we have developed an innovative and competitive product line.

We are also representatives of several prestigious brands worldwide, which allows us to offer a diversified product portfolio.


Multicare 800 Evolution

A new concept of evolution

Starting from a base model, and using local upgrades, it is possible to add new features and adapt the bed for your needs.

We maximize comfort by automatically adjusting the positions, ensuring relief of pressure zones and ease of patient in and out of the bed.

We guarantee patient safety through full compliance with demanding international standards (IEC 60601-2-52) and the possibility of blocking functions by healthcare professionals.

Possibility of controlling the pre-defined and conventional positions through a single key, also allowing different locks of patient safety.

Ease of movement and transport, making use of the directional wheel and the braking system.

Practical and intuitive use of the different accessories necessary for the hospital reality.

All materials, parts and components are rigorously selected and tested to withstand the daily and intensive use of the hospital environment.

Our on-site team ensures fast and efficient technical assistance, both nationally and internationally.

We commit to working with you to minimize downtime and maximize equipment life.


Mundinter in the world

Internationalization and the search for strategic partnerships have been one of our greatest challenges, having at present several partnerships established in the following jurisdictions:


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