Development and consolidation of our position in healthcare, providing medical products and equipment, training, technical assistance and advice to health care organizations and health professionals.Our goal is to become experts in key areas, and offer our customers integrated solutions and a differentiated service of high quality, assuming a partnership role in the ongoing improvement of the quality of health services provided.



Our values are shown in our daily work,focused on our customers, in partnershipwith our employees and suppliers. 

We believe in:

· Colaboration

· Quality

· Respect

· Integrity

· Creativity and Innovation



Since 1953 we have been putting our expertise in the service of health, identifying business partners in different geographical areas, according to the needs of the market and its activity.

We work to:

· Increase customer satisfaction


· Increase the technical and professionalknowledge of our employees

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Mundinter Strategy - Next 5 Years

· Innovate

· Consolidate the national market

· Internationalize