Mundinter Internationalization

Internationalization and the search for strategic partnerships has been one of our biggest challenges. We have accomplished this through direct export operations, joint-ventures or even local subsidiaries. Our technological know-how has been one ofMundinter ‘s assets.  Thus, and always with the sustained growth of our Company in view, we export to other jurisdictions our own manufactured products, and we represent as well various other manufacturers in foreign markets.



Middle east


We have been directly present in Angola (Luanda) since 1996 and recently in Morocco(Casablanca) - 2016.

In Europe, we work the Spanish market through a leading strategic partner in the hospitalmarket. We are presently studying partnerships in the Balkans, particularly in Croatia.

With a view to international growth, we are currently developing a business prospection inthe distribution sector in the African continent (Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Algeria) andthe Middle East (Iran, Dubai, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates).

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