General Equipment & Hospital Furnisher

Mundinter, S.A. is one of the biggest nationalmanufacturers of general hospital equipment, with specialfocus on hospital beds and stretchers, our products havebeen recognized by their distinctive features, as well asrobustness, durability, safety, functionality and comfort.

As a manufacturer, Mundinter has the competitiveadvantage of being able to develop customized equipmentthat meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Mundinter also stands out as distributor of numerous brandsin the international health market.

The wide range that we represent added to what wemanufacture allow us to equip the various departments ofthe health institutions we work with.



ward hospital bed

ward .

intensive care .

pediatrics . obstetrics


We develop and produce a full range of hospital beds, which not only meet the needs of General Services, but also sophisticated services such as Intensive Care, Pediatrics and Obstetrics. We provide a wide portfolio of accessories, that allow patient comfort and allows professionals to provide adequate care effectively

emergency and

transport stretchers

Mundinter stretchers have unique characteristics of strength, comfort and functionality. Robustness is a key element in transporting equipment, due to the fact that is constantly exposed to shock and mechanical stress. Because of its versatility, the stretcher is X-rays transparent. It allows a combination of numerous positions allowing the practice of many medical routine procedures.

bedside and meal

tables . support and

reading tables

We provide a set of supporttable solutions, for patients and health professionals.

observation couches

observação e

and treatment

We have a diversityof couches / tables /observation chairs, adapted to the requirements of different medical specialties.

In addition to the domestic production of couches, we represent other manufactures with complementary solutions.


chairs . transport

and support cars .

other miscellaneous equipment

We have a wide range offer to equip health institutions. We also represent brands that complement our product portfolio in the area of general hospital equipment.

emergency . medication .

treatment carts

We exclusively represent the world leaders in the area of hospital emergency / medication / anesthesia/ intensive care / patient /Trolleys / monitoring carts, all fully customized depending on the client's needs.  Quality, safety and robustness are three of the major factors that differentiate these hospital cars.

ward and lighting 

We provide all the needs relating to rails and lighting for inpatient services, nursing homes, continuous care.


In the area of autoclaves we provide international reference solutions.

small diagnostic


To support the routine diagnosis, we have equipment such as stethoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes, Dermatoscops, laryngoscopes, sphygmomanometers, loupes and light sources, scales, pulse oximeters, multiparameter monitors, electrocardiographs, ecoDopplers, among others.

We cooperate with the best brands, who develops their equipment aiming for excellence in terms of quality and functionality.

technical aids

We represent several manufacturers in the sectorof technical aids for patients and health professionals. We provide patient transfer systems, mobility aids, among others.

general hospital consumables

In the sector of Specialized hospital supplies / consumables,we have partners whose development and manufacture skillsenables us to offer innovative, versatile and simple products,ensuring the highest quality. We offer a wide range of crossproducts throughout the hospital environment and alsospecialized and innovative solutions where precision andaccuracy are vital.

We offer solutions in the areas of: Surgical suction, Urology, Microsuction, Gastroenterology, Laparoscopy, Respiratory System 

Na área dos consumíveis, dispomos ainda de outros produtos: Dispositivos e sacos de recolha de urina Sondas de alimentação (100% silicone) Sensores de oximetria Fraldas e produtos dirigidos à incontinência